Are There Healthy Restaurants Near Me That Deliver?

Yes there are, technology continues to make things easier every day. Communication and access to information have greatly improved in the digital age. It is now simpler to research on what foods to eat if you wish to lose weight or just have a healthy meal delivered to you.

Times have also changed from when healthy meals were only home cooked. Nowadays, there are a variety of restaurants that serve healthy meals across America. Vegetarian and vegan restaurants have also continued to increase as the demand for these dishes also soars

How about when you don’t want to cook or go out? There are times when you just crave for a healthy meal, but you are feeling lazy, too busy, or just feeling sick. Luckily, some of these healthy restaurants near you also deliver right to your doorstep.

That’s great! But how do you know which restaurants deliver and which ones don’t? Many mobile apps and websites help you answer this question. These applications and websites give you a list of healthy restaurants in your area and indicate those that deliver. Although some of them might be a bit tricky to maneuver at first, once you get used to them, they make ordering healthy food from any location easy.

Healthy Food Near Me [How to Guide/List]


Healthy Food Near Me Yelp

Yelp is accessible through its website and its Android and iPhone applications. The Yelp website has grown to become one of the most influential websites for businesses. It is mostly famous for its restaurant finding capabilities although it also has other functionalities too.

  • To find a healthy restaurant that delivers near you, log on to the Yelp website and on the find search bar at the top, type healthy food restaurants. The site loads up various restaurants that offer healthy food.
  • Next, go to the filters tab and choose order delivery. You can also select various filters such as price and distance.
  • Next, enter your location in the search bar located below the filters and click search.
  • The website loads up various restaurants and fast food joints that deliver healthy foods near you, and you can pick whichever one you want.
  • Click on your chosen restaurant and order your favorite dish from the online menu.


GrubHub is also another popular app and website which you can use to order food.

  • For a new user, you first have to create an account where you input your details such as location and payment method.
  • After registering, go back to the homepage and click on delivery. Input your location on the location search bar and click “find food”. You can also input the food you want on the food search bar.
  • Select the healthy filter to see results for healthy food restaurants that deliver.
  • Choose a restaurant and select the type of food you want from the online menu. You can also add special instructions to your order.
  • After selecting your food, proceed to checkout and input your location and payment details.

The GrubHub application also gives you a rough estimate of how long it will take for your food to arrive.


Zomato helps you find and compare food joints near you. Here are the steps to finding a healthy food delivery restaurant on Zomato.

  • Log on to the website and enter your location. You can also search for specific foods within your area from the cuisine text box.
  • After searching, the website shows you a variety of restaurants near you.
  • Proceed to the cuisine search filter and select healthy food. If the option is not available, click on “see all cuisines” at the bottom.
  • Pick delivery on the category filter.
  • Choose whichever restaurant you wish and browse their online menu.
  • Call the restaurant and place your order.

The Healthy Dining Finder website gives you more nutritional information about the food you are about to order.

  • To order food, log on to the site and enter your street address, zip code, and state. You can also personalize the nutritional information to get results that match your nutritional requirements.
  • The website provides a list with a variety of restaurants, their distance from you, and their price rating.
  • Pick a restaurant and survey their menu to find a meal that fits you. You can adjust the filter to show specific results based on nutritional value.
  • Pick the restaurant’s number from the website and call them to place your order.
  • Healthy Dining Finder does not offer information on whether a restaurant delivers or not, and hence, you might have to try a few joints before you find one with delivery services.

Where are Healthy Food Stores Around Me?

Do you feel like preparing a healthy meal? Here are some of the top countrywide stores where you can get fresh, healthy ingredients for your meal.

  • Whole Foods Market. This is one of the most popular healthy food stores in America. The market boasts of having a wide variety of healthy products with most of these being food ingredients.
  • Natural Grocers. The store stocks organic foods as well as dietary supplements. They are very keen on educating their customers on the food they should consume.
  • Harris Teeter. Harris has a broad range of groceries, and they always look to source their produce locally. They also have creative shelf tags that give you more information about the nutritious value of the stocked food.
  • Safeway. Most people go grocery shopping to select the best produce. However, Safeway helps you browse their store even better when you shop online. The pioneer Food Flex program analyzes your shopping cart and recommends healthier alternatives based on preset healthy standard recommendations.
  • Traders Joe. This fresh foods market boasts of selling foods that contain no artificial flavors and are GMO-free.
  • Publix Super Markets. Publix Super Markets recognizes this and offers shopping coupons and advice to pregnant moms who shop at their stores. They also have a section for the in-season produce so that buyers can choose the freshest products when shopping.
  • Kroger. This store stocks both exclusive and national brands in over 2,600 branches nationwide. They also have stores under different names such as City Market and Smith’s.
  • Food Lion. This mega food store has over 1,300 branches countrywide. They are rolling out their Bloom stores, which are new contemporary food markets. Here you get nutritional information on various products, and they also offer healthy recipes which you can print out and use as a shopping guide.

Other stores include Fresh and Easy, Wegmans, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Pathmark among many others.

Healthy Fast Food Near Me

For a long time, fast food has been seen as unhealthy. However, some fast food franchises are changing this trend.

  • Panera Bread. The store offers whole meal bread and has a wide variety of healthy options such as salads and fruits. They also have great foods for kids such as squeezable organic yogurt. Opens  Closes  Serves Dinner?
  • Jason’s Deli. Here, they strive to use organic ingredients for your food. You also have the choice of controlling the portions served and pay less.
  • Au Bon Pain. The fast food joint offers you nutritional information about the food you are about to order. You also serve foods such as salads, soups, and whole grains.
  • Noodles and Company. The store serves healthy noodles with a variety of American, Asian, and Mediterranean dishes. They also use soya bean oil instead of regular greasy fats.
  • Corner Bakery Café. This fast food restaurant has received praise for its breakfast menu which includes items such as Swiss oatmeal and the Farmers Scrambler which comprises of scrambled eggs with various organic peppers and mushrooms.
  • Chipotle. At Chipotle, you get to choose how they make your food from a variety of healthy ingredients. The restaurant sources local fresh produce and strives to make low-sodium foods.
  • Subway. The restaurant serves a variety of salads, whole grain bread, and low-calorie dishes. Their Fresh Fit foods have been approved by the American Heart Association as healthy. Their website also contains nutritional information about their foods as well as the ingredients used to make each meal.
  • Taco Del Mar. Mexican cuisines from this fast food joint are made in a healthy way to reduce their calorie count. They have meat dishes that are made using fish instead of red meats and chicken. The restaurant also serves whole grain bread and bakes their taco shells to reduce the use of fats.

Other stores include Einstein Bros. Bagels, Just Salad, and Atlanta Bread.

Healthy Restaurants Near Me

Healthy restaurants have become a trend in recent years. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Leon. The restaurant is especially famous for its breakfast treats. They offer low-fat dishes and have a wide variety of whole grain foods.
  • Seasons 52. Here, you will get almost all meals containing less than 700 calories. They also source fresh vegetables for their meals, and they have a variety of low-calorie side dishes.
  • Ruby Tuesday. This restaurant chain features a garden bar that has over 50 options and lets customers blend their salads as they wish.
  • Wagamama. Here you get to experience delicious, healthy Japanese cuisines.
  • Zizzi. The restaurant serves various affordable salads and sandwiches and is praised for its fair pricing.
  • Veggie Grill. This restaurant focuses wholly on preparing vegetarian dishes. Their menus contain entrée salads, sandwiches, and snacks among other varieties of vegetarian-friendly dishes. The food served here does not fall into the category of ordinary vegetarian food due to its delicious taste.
  • Protein Bar. As their name suggests, the Protein Bar restaurants offer protein-packed dishes. The restaurant tries to minimize on the carbs by healthily preparing protein dishes. They also serve salads among other vegetarian side dishes.
  • Tender Greens. The restaurant sources its greens from local farmers making its meals healthy and delicious. It also makes their menus different depending on the location of the restaurant and the products that are in season.

The wide variety of restaurants, stores, and fast food chains ensures that you get access to a healthy meal when you need it.