Ketogenic Diet

What is The Ketogenic Diet? The science behind the Ketogenic Diet: The keto diet causes the human body to enter a state of ketosis which means that the body produces energy by the process known as ketogenesis. ketogenesis occurs mainly in the liver, where fat is metabolized to produce ketone bodies which are used to power […]

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Is Steak Healthy?

Nutrition & Facts: Is Steak Good for You? The short answer is “it depends.” How healthy steak is varies based on the cut of meat you are eating and what you would have eaten otherwise. A marbled, charred steak is not particularly healthy, at least not in comparison to fish, beans, and other lean protein sources. […]

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Healthy Food Near Me

Are There Healthy Restaurants Near Me That Deliver? Yes there are, technology continues to make things easier every day. Communication and access to information have greatly improved in the digital age. It is now simpler to research on what foods to eat if you wish to lose weight or just have a healthy meal delivered […]

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13 Foods That Are High In Iron

Whether you’re here to help a condition like anemia or hemophilia, or you just know how important natural sources of iron can be, we’ve compiled a list of iron-rich foods to arm you with the information you need to get enough iron from your diet. Here are a list of foods high in iron. 1. […]

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13 Foods High In Iron

1. Breakfast Cereals The amount of iron included in fortified breakfast cereals is there to meet a real need in our diets and the diets of our children. Fortified cereals can have up to 109% of the daily value of iron—19.6 milligrams of iron per helping of 3/4 cup (29 grams)—and often include folic acid, […]

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